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Book of Ra Deluxe 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.
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With a unique and brand new style of slot machine fun, the Book of Ra Deluxe is both entertaining and profitable for players. The interesting thing about the machine is that it has five reels, ten pay lines and symbols, which are meant to act as both a trigger used for the bonus game in the machine and also a wildcard symbol. The Book of Ra Deluxe has been based on a popular Ancient Egyptian theme and is now set to become one of the more popular online casino games in the world.

Book of Ra Free

One of the first things you will notice when you play the Book of Ra Deluxe is the large orange button that lights up when you have managed to achieve a winning combination which includes two symbols on the left of the slot's lay out. This is a rather unusual aspect of the game which has been labelled as a gamble button, and players can then click here to gamble their current winnings by either playing a lower or higher card game. Previous cards can also be accessed from the previous six gambles which help with establishing a pattern.

In addition to being able to gamble your winnings the Book of the Ra Deluxe also has a really simple bonus round most people will find very interesting. In the bonus round, you have three free spins, which is achieved when the player spins the three symbols of the game on the reel of their choice. Every time, this takes place it activates the bonus game, either during normal gaming or when a bonus round is active. If a bonus round is currently active then a player will also get ten more spins in addition to their current bonus.

You get to choose a symbol during your bonus round, which is then expanded and highlighted in order to show that it is different from other symbols in the game. The symbols aren't restricted, and they can show up on one of the slot machine's five reels, which also helps to increase your payout during the slot's bonus game as well as expand and cover the whole reel.


The feature is activated every time a player spins the three symbols on almost any of the lines with each bonus offering ten more free spins. This increases the chances of getting Book of Ra symbols, which further increases when a bonus game is activated, plus you get better wild reel opportunities. When all the free spins are used up the feature ends, and the prize is calculated as well as displayed on the summary screen prior to returning to normal mode.

Basest standard of game play. You can clearly see everything, which is offered. The payouts are clearly shown on screen and unlike other online slot games the payouts shown are the real cash amounts you can win.

Players have a standard array of various options to choose from which includes various line numbers, and various coin values for every line. The game is dynamic and will update almost instantly when the figures are changed, which ensures players have the most up to date payout info available each time. Players can also access the 'more information' part for more details about the game and also its nuances which include bonus terms and rules. The instructions are animated and clear, so that everyone can easily understand how it works.

People will find that the game is very easy to understand owing to its large graphics combined with an Ancient Egyptian theme and smooth animation. The game is clear and players are always kept informed of their bonuses, balances and prizes.

From a player’s perspective, the most important statistic figure of any casino game is the return that a player gets or the highest amount he is paid in return for his investment. With a 96.99% pay back ratio, The Book of Ra Deluxe has the highest percentage in the industry. The excellent graphics, easy instructions and a comparatively huge payout makes this game one of the leaders in the online game industry.ed on technology by Novomatic Games, Book of Ra Deluxe offers something new and unique to the world of online gaming. Players can be assured of both fairness and the high

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